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Lose Weight

Are you tired of being overweight but struggling with a lack of motivation, uncontrolled cravings or stubborn pounds that won’t let go?   Are you ready to become the fit, healthy person you really want to be?  Discover how much easier it is to lose weight with hypnosis!  During your first session, we’ll discuss your personal fitness goals and any obstacles you’re currently experiencing.  Next, we’ll infuse your subconscious mind with powerful suggestions for lasting change, making weight loss easier than you ever imagined!  Using hypnosis, most clients notice positive changes begin right away and they feel relieved by how much easier it is to:

  • Choose and enjoy leaner, healthier foods
  • Feel full and satisfied with smaller portions
  • Resist fattening foods
  • Become more motivated
  • Find more time for exercise and actually enjoy it!
Imagine how wonderful you’ll feel as the extra pounds melt away, revealing a leaner, healthier, happier you!  You deserve to look and feel your best and most clients notice positive changes begin after their first session; yet reinforcement is the key to lasting success and the number of sessions for optimum benefit may vary.  In addition to your one-on-one hypnosis sessions, you’ll also receive a personalized self-hypnosis cd to reinforce your goals at home, plus supportive coaching throughout your process to help ensure your weight loss success.  To learn more about losing weight with hypnosis, call Ashland Hypnotherapy today and be sure to ask about our new client discounts!  (541) 488-9212.
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