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Prepare for Surgery

Hypnosis offers an excellent way to prepare for surgery and helps you create a dramatic difference in how your body responds to both your procedure and recovery period.  Without positive mental preparation, you may fear surgery will be traumatic, invasive and painful. Such concerns create a fear-tension-pain cycle that can interfere with healthy healing.  Using the power of your mind through hypnosis, you’ll begin to view your surgery as a positive, helpful experience as you prime your mind and body to work together, supporting optimum results and a smooth recovery.  Clients report that after using hypnosis, they experienced:
  • A more positive outlook about the procedure
  • Feeling relaxed and comfortable in the hospital environment
  • Faster, easier surgeries
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain/reduced need for pain medication
  • Speedier recoveries

During your first session, we’ll discuss any concerns you may have about your upcoming procedure and then, using hypnosis, we’ll prepare your mind to relax and trust the hands of your physician, and to view the experience as healthy and beneficial.  As your subconscious mind learns to perceive your surgery as supportive and helpful, your mind and body begin working together to relax and allow for positive results.  Hypnosis helps you enter surgery feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident – important keys to the successful outcome you want and deserve!  For more information or to schedule a free pre-surgery consultation, call Ashland Hypnotherapy today at (541) 488-9212 or email info@ashlandhypnosis.com .

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