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Recover from Loss

When you’ve experienced an emotional injury, a process begins similar to the healing of a physical wound.  The pain can feel intense and at times, seemingly endless, but with the proper care and support, the pain will begin to subside and your heart will begin to heal as you become eventually stronger and happier and whole again. 

Losing someone you love, whether through a breakup, physical distance, or death is deeply painful; sometimes, the pain can feel too hard to bear.  Experiencing the loss of a loved one can trigger intense emotional reactions ranging from shock, denial, guilt, anger, resentment, abandonment and heartbreak. Allowing yourself to receive caring support is an essential part of your healing process.  Whether you are grieving the loss of a romantic partner, a family member, a beloved pet, a valued career, or your physical capabilities, hypnotherapy can help. 

Hypnosis offers a gentle, easy way to recover more quickly as you move through your personal stages of healing.  During your sessions, we will help you transition from the pain you’ve experienced to a restored sense of peace and well being.  You will soon feel lighter, more free and able to move forward again as you begin to experience a greater sense of hope and ease.

At Ashland Hypnotherapy, you’ll receive compassionate understanding in a safe, comfortable environment while the positive hypnotic suggestions you’ll receive will help you begin feeling better right away.  For a free consultation or to schedule an appointment, call (541) 488-9212 today.
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