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Reduce Stress

Hypnosis is the perfect antidote to stress! Stress is a part of modern life, but too much stress can result in physical illness, emotional distress, and mental distraction. As a result of excess stress and tension, you might experience high blood pressure, headaches, shallow breathing, decreased immune function, confusion, insomnia and other disturbing symptoms. 

You deserve relief from stress and tension!  Hypnosis offers an easy, natural way to relax your mind, body and thoughts.  During your first session, we’ll identify your particular stressors.  Then we’ll proceed with a guided relaxation, infusing your subconscious mind with new resources to increase your sense of calm in every situation, long after your session is complete.  You’ll return from your session feeling renewed, relaxed, clear and centered.  The hypnotic experience is so enjoyable and rewarding; some clients refer to their sessions as “mini vacations!”   Call Ashland Hypnotherapy at (541) 488-9212 and notice how much lighter you’ll feel as stress and tension melt away.
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